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Post Info TOPIC: The 6 Most Popular AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Questions


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Date: Sep 15, 2022
The 6 Most Popular AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Questions



How popular are the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam questions? According to Stack Overflow, these six AWS Cloud Practitioner exam questions have been asked more than any other AWS Cloud Practitioner exam questions! They are absolutely worth studying as you prepare for your AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam!



How Does Provisioned IOPS Work?

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (ACCP) qualification starts with the AWS Essentials course that covers fundamental concepts, plus the fundamental principles of AWS administration. Each exam represents 100% understanding of these topics, along with ability to troubleshoot technical issues and perform live migrations. AWS certified cloud practitioner salary is often in the range of $70-90K USD per year for engineers. 


With a positive attitude and skillset you are sure to get an AWS certified cloud practitioner salary that meets your needs! This concludes this blog post about AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners. The next step is to take practice tests like these six popular questions and figure out where you stand. Remember that a passing score on the exam typically requires 70% or higher. Keep practicing until you pass the certification test!

How Do I Use SSM Parameter Groups?

An SSM Parameter Group is a collection of AWS Key Pairs, IAM credentials, and other AWS configurations that are used to configure a single set of AWS resources. For example, you can create one SSM Parameter Group for EC2 instances and another for SQS queues. You can also add variables to your SSM Parameter Groups to make them more reusable (e.g., by adding the environment name or account ID). 


For example, you could use an environment variable like %account-id% as the account ID in one param group and use that same group in another environment with different parameters. When you configure a stack using AWS CloudFormation, it will detect if any parameter values need to be updated based on the new environment's settings. If it does not find any changes, then no values will be updated during stack deployment.

What Is an Auto Scaling Group?

An auto scaling group is a collection of computer instances (e.g., EC2 instances) that share identical configuration settings. Auto scaling enables the use of compute resources as they are needed, instead of when they are provisioned.


 As demand increases, more compute instances can be created and attached to the auto scaling group in order to meet increased load; similarly, when demand decreases or if no instance within the auto scaling group is meeting its target capacity utilization rate for a specified amount of time, instances can be terminated from the group so that their allocated resources can be used by other compute-intensive tasks.

What is a VPC Endpoint?

AWS provides a network endpoint called the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Endpoint. A VPC Endpoint is essentially an address space that abstracts your resources away from your internet-facing AWS product. For example, you might have a VPC and want to share it with your coworkers without needing to expose your internal network to the public Internet. When you define a VPC Endpoint, AWS automatically provisions two subnets: one public and one private. 


You can have as many of these as you need, but each subnet should have at least one EC2 instance. AWS then takes care of everything in between NAT tables, routing tables, load balancing and more. 


There are other ways to set up access between your AWS account and an on-premises environment or another AWS account like VPN tunnels or Direct Connect connections. But if you don’t need those features, the VPC Endpoint is a simple way to provide secure remote access without spending any money or time on additional configuration!

What Is Delegation, and Why Should I Care?

Delegation is the transfer of tasks and responsibilities to other employees. A good delegator will take the time to find out what a certain person excels at and rely on that person for those specific tasks. In this way, delegation increases efficiency and allows for more creativity in the workplace.


 Delegating may require one to change an approach that is not working, but when done properly, delegation leads to increased employee engagement and satisfaction. What Are Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)?: A service-level agreement (SLA) specifies the standards of service a business expects from its suppliers. 


What Should I Consider When Choosing a Virtualization Platform? : From cost to licensing considerations, there are many factors you should consider before making your decision. For example, if you need robust storage capabilities or virtual networking features, then Xen might be better suited for your needs than VMware vSphere or Hyper-V.


How Does Direct Connect Work, and What Are Its Limitations?

Direct Connect is a way to establish an optimized, dedicated private network connection between your datacenter and Amazon Web Services’s servers. As a result, you can cut costs by bypassing internet transit charges and transit service costs. In other words, AWS Direct Connect provides a low-latency connection that eliminates the roundtrip latency of routing data through the public internet. 


Direct Connect includes routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF, or static routes and offers high-speed Internet access of up to 10 Gbps for each physical interface. With this type of connectivity in place for all AWS services in your region, latency is substantially reduced. When using AWS Direct Connect, you also get more predictable networking performance, which means less downtime when provisioning new resources.


 There are some limitations to Direct Connect: AWS only supports the following topologies: point-to-point with no redundant connections; point-to-multipoint with one connection per AWS Availability Zone; and point-to-multipoint with two connections per AWS Availability Zone. 

In addition, AWS doesn't support IPv6 traffic over its VPC offering (at least not yet). But these limitations may not be an issue if your company doesn't use IPv6 addresses on its premises networks.

Final Thought

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner salary ranges depending on the position, experience, and other factors. For instance, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate salary will depend on the company that they work for. Additionally, someone with 5 years of work experience will earn more than a person with 3 years of work experience.


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